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Looking for EXPERIENCED actors for feature film shooting in Cleveland 

START DATE: July 20, 2015

Please send headshot and acting resume for auditions and OUT OF STATE SUBMISSIONS TO


THE LAND, Sandbar Pictures, Low Spark Films  Producers: Lizzie Friedman, Greg Little, Karen Lauder, Tyler Davidson, Blake Pickens, Stephen Love

Director/Writer: Steven Caple Jr.

STORY: THE LAND tells the story of four teenage boys who devote their summer to escaping the streets of Cleveland to pursue a dream life of professional skateboarding. But when they get caught in the web of a local drug Queen-pin, their motley brotherhood is tested, threatening to make this summer their last.

CISCO: MALE 16-18, ETHNICALLY AMBIGUOUS, CISCO is very quiet and attentive. He’s the ringleader and the brains behind every operation, good or bad. He is a reckless rebel, though he has a reason for almost every crime he commits. Cisco is sharp, but uses his skills for selfish reasons.Cisco appears as fearless due to his rowdy behavior, but underneath his tough surface he’s a scared child who fears being alone. His mother died of a drug overdose when he was a small child and he was left to live with her pimp/junkie – UNCLE STEVE. He’s an outcast and feels very abandoned,which is why he’s so independent and attached to his crew…LEAD, MUST HAVE BASIC SKATEBOARD SKILLS, OR ABLE TO LEARN QUICKLY.


BOOBIE: MALE 16-18, AFRICAN AMERICAN, He has a rugged outward appearance, however, he’s a ‘clean cut’ kid. Boobie is the voice of reason. He’s not afraid to voice his opinion and he constantly reminds the group of the consequences behind every action. He’s more mature than the rest of his friends and the most talented skater of the group. The difference between his skating and Cisco’s is disciplined. Boobie plays it safe when it comes to skating and life. He lives with both his parents and his father is a lineman at a Toxic Waste Factory. The family works overtime to keep up with the bills, which is the reason Boobie agrees to sell Molly. Thus taking care of himself and removing any pressure from his father…LEAD, MUST


ELLIOT (Male/early 20’s): A loudmouth goon who is eager to move up in rank. Elliot is hysterical and ready to snap at any second. He’s a loose cannon and leader of a local dirt bike gang that terrorizes the streets. Elliot is always up for a challenge and gets the job done, but in his own way.

CHINO (Male/30’s/Latino): Chino is intimidating, but petrified of Momma’s wrath. He’s well respected in the community and crime world. Chino is a tough and a force to be reckoned with. He came up in the ranks with Momma and now has to worry about Elliot gunning for his place.

TURQUIOSE (Female/30’s/African American): Turquoise is the most honest and faithful prostitute you’ll ever meet. Turquoise was a very attractive girl before the drugs and abuse. As of now, she isn’t the sexiest thing strolling up Lorain Avenue, but she definitely knows how to turn heads and flip tricks. She’s full of energy and she fears Uncle Steve, but she can’t help but to speak her mind at the most odd times.

EVELYN (Female/30’s/Latina): Evelyn is Junior’s young and attractive mother. She had kids at any early age to a dead-beat father and is paying the price as a single parent with low income.She’s a caring nurse’s assistant and loving mother, but she can also be feisty and over- protective. Evelyn is a struggling adult who hasn’t given up.

HASSAN (Male/late 30’s/Indian or Arabian): To Hassan, race and skin color don’t matter. The only thing that matters is money. He’s all about the hustle and feeding off the streets. With no real loyalty, Hassan will con anyone in or out his circle.

STACEY (Female/6/Latina or mixed): She’s very cute and energetic. She can be a sweetheart while at the same time be a small ball of fire. Her brother is always bullying her and she’s tough because of it. She’s a good student who loves school, but at home she’s a troublemaker. Quick to anger and feisty – just like her mommy.

BRENT (Male/ 17/ Black): He’s a good kid who turned thug. When drug dealing started to put fancy clothes on his back and money in his pocket, Brent quickly dropped out of school. He still has a kind heart, but due to his occupation he can’t show weakness. He has to abide by the street code at all cost, if not he could lose his life.

HARRY BUSH’TITS (Male/30’s/white): The friendly park hobo. He’s a charming young man who has a skateboarding past. He tells the local skaters that he’s secretly a legend, but no one believes him. They only know what they see – a homeless junkie.

HENRY BUSH’TITS (Male/30’s/white): Henry is a wealthy businessman. He’s handsome, smart, and has a way with words. Which would create the perfect guy if he wasn’t so egotistic, self-centered and entitled. He doesn’t care about his brother being homeless – “it’s his own fault”. All he cares about is making money and having a good time.


FRATTY BOY (Male/21/White)

BURLY (Male/early 20s/White)

DRIVER (Male/30s)

ANGRY LATINA (Female/30s)

COUNSELOR (Female/30s)



BOB (Male/50s)

GUEST (Male/30s/White)




With This Ring Trailer

Lillian was the Ohio Casting Director for this ‘made for television (LIFETIME) movie,

Lillian Pyles Casting | Cleveland Ohio |lpylescasting@gmail.com