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With This Ring Character Descriptions and Sides


Email us to submit for an audition. Submit your headshot/photo, resume/bio and contact info to: lifetimeauditions@gmail.com–put the character you want to audition for in the subject title. If you fit the profile of what we are looking for we will contact you to schedule you an audition.

  • [ASSISTANT] (20’S) AFRO CENTRIC – Trista’s assistant at the agency.  Click here to download sides for : ASSISTANT
  • [KITTY]  (30s) The wife of Keith, Amaya’s boyfriend, Kitty is beautiful, wealthy and entitled, and seems to have no clue that she’s being spied on by Amaya as she goes about her day, from lingerie shopping to a visit with a fertility specialist. Kitty discovers Amaya taking photos of her when she’s in the middle of a tryst with football player Darryl  Crane, and calmly and powerfully informs her that she and her husband have an arrangement. Click here to download sides for: KITTY
  • [MINISTER](50’S) A tall, imposing woman, this minister presides at Elise and William’s wedding. Click here to download sides for: MINISTER
  • [SEAN'S MOTHER] (50-60’S) African American, warm, loving, she spends Christmas at Sean’s house with Viviane, Cory andt heir friends, and absolutely refuses to hear of Viviane doing the dishes, since she cooked the food.
  • [WOMAN] (20s, 30s) This woman at Elise’s wedding inadvertently makes Trista feel terrible about not being married. Click here to download sides for : WOMAN 
  • [WOMAN #2]  (30s, 40s) This woman at Elise’s wedding makes a sympathetic/pitying comment to Trista, Amaya and Viviane about getting married. Click here to download sides for : WOMAN 



  • [CORY] 8 years old, male, African American, Cory is the son of Viviane and Sean, who aren’t married and don’t live together.He’s a bright, engaging little boy who’s very excited about getting lots of Halloween candy because of his costume. Cory spends time with both his parents working on homework and projects. Click here to download sides for: CORY (MINOR)
  • [ASSISTANT] (20’S) AFRO CENTRIC – Trista’s assistant at the agency. Click here to download sides for : ASSISTANT
  • [COMEDIANS] (30’S-45) This series of comedians is seen going on disastrous dates with Trista…various lines, various scenes. Click here to download the sides for the SERIES OF COMEDIANS
  • [DARRYL CRANE] (30’S) This football player is caught by Amaya having a sexual encounter with the married Kitty……no lines.  Click here to download sides for DARRYL CRANE
  • [DATE] (30-35) This sophisticated, funny man goes out on a date with Trista. It appears to be going really well, until he’s arrested for driving a stolen car. Click here to download sides for DATE #1
  • [DATE #2] (25-35) Another of Trista’s dates, a good 6’8″, probably in the NBA, he’s a boorish guy who tells her, “Normally, I only date really pretty chicks”. Click here to download sides for DATE #2
  • [DATE #3] (25-30) COMEDIAN – Another of Trista’s dates, he seems like a pretty good guy, except the backs of his hands are freakishly hairy, and Trista can’t stand it. Click here to download sides for DATE #3
  • [DJ] (25-40) This DJ at Elise’s wedding makes several insensitive comments as he announces that it’s time for the single ladies to try to catch the bouquet. Click here to download sides for DJ
  • [EMCEE] (25-40) This wedding emcee counts down the seconds till New Year’s. Click here to download sides for EMCEE
  • [ICE CREAM GUY (GREG) (25-35) Seen in Trista's dream, this ice cream guy working in an ice cream truck in South Central is Trista's "back up plan" in case she can't find anyone else to marry in a year. He gives her an ice cream sandwich and a ring. Click here to download sides for GREG / ICE CREAM MAN
  • [JASON] (25-30) Handsome, a little younger than Viviane, with a disinterested air, this guy goes on a date with Viviane to a Clippers game He barely listens to Viviane and tells her that she looked “smaller” in her on-line photo. He likes the seats, though.Click here to download sides for JASON
  • [JEFFREY] (30’S) GOOD LOOKING – This guy is Amaya’s “back-up plan” in case she doesn’t marry Keith in a year. He seems like a nice, uncomplicated, sweet guy when he accidentally shows up in one of Trista’s dreams, waiting for her in a limo. He later does wind up dating Amaya. Click here to download sides for JEFFREY
  •  [MINISTER] (50’S)  This minister is a bit confused when the original bride and groom is replaced at the last minute by two completely different people. Click here to download sides for MINISTER SC. 22
  • [SECURITY GUARD] (40’S) This security guard at a beach front property 4th of July party spots Amaya, a non guest, and politely but firmly escorts her out. Click here to download sides for SECURITY GUARD
  • [GAY WAITER] (18-25) ASIAN -This waiter at a nice restaurant takes Trista’s order after her date is arrested. He’s seen at several other of her disastrous dates. Click here to download sides for WAITER
  • [MIKIKO] (20s, 30s) – Super funny, gay hairstylist. Click here to download sides for  MIKIKO
  • [NURSE] (40’S) ASIAN -This hospital nurse tells Trista, Amaya and Sean that Viviane is fine. Click here to download sides for NURSE
  • [KAREN] (30s) This pretty woman is the sister of one of Sean’s patients. She has an immediate spark with Sean and soon is in a relationship with him. She tells Viviane over the phone that she’s Sean’s “girlfriend” (not realizing that it’s Viviane on the phone), which proves disastrous for Viviane. Click here to download sides for KAREN
  • [NOELLE] (35-45) This pretty blonde actress approaches Sean at a bar to thank him for the plastic surgery he performed on her face. She introduces him to her sister Karen, who has an instant spark with him. Click here to download sides for NOELLE
  • [CASTING DIRECTOR] (40-50) This casting director reads Amaya for the new Terrance Robb movie. Click here to download sides for CASTING DIRECTOR
  • [DIRECTOR] (30-40) CAUCASIAN – This director directs a commercial that Amaya is shooting.
  • [GAY WAITER] (18-25) -This waiter at a nice restaurant takes Trista’s order after her date is arrested. He’s seen at several other of her disastrous dates. Click here to download sides for WAITER
  • [JAMES NILSON] [40-55] CAUCASIAN – Rob Lowe type. Must be polished, groomed, attractive.Click here to download sides for JAMES
  • [SHOP OWNER] (40’S) CAUCASIAN – The owner of a surveillance supply shop, a strange, intense man, he helps Amaya pick out some equipment.
  • [SIMON] (20’S-30’S) CAUCASIAN -This agent at the talent agency where Trista works makes a comment at a staff meeting that is quickly over-ridden by his boss. Click here to download sides for SIMON
  • [WAITER] (20’S) CAUCASIAN – This waiter at Trista’s engagement party tells Viviane he’s got an urgent phone call for her. Click here to download sides for WAITER #2
  • [MIKIKO] (20s, 30s) – Super funny, gay hairstylist.
Additional Sides 

TERRANCE ROBB  (Second Set Of Sides for Terrance Robb)


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The OPEN CALL is being held at the Applewood Center Building. The address is 2525 E. 22nd Street. Please Enter through the glass doors on the side of the building.

You must bring an actors resume and current headshot to be eligible to schedule an audition.

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‘With This Ring’

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