Karamu House in Cleveland, OH is seeking African-American actors for the roles of TROY and ROSE in August Wilson’s FENCES.  First rehearsal would be on or around August 30.  The production runs from September 27 through October 21, 2018.  Members of Actors Equity Association union will be employed under a Guest Artists Tier II contract.  Actors who reside outside of the area will be offered housing, per diem, and access to a vehicle as part of their rider contract.  Non-union actors will receive the above accommodations, as well as a competitive stipend for their work in this production.  For consideration please contact Lillian Pyles Casting at


Now Casting “The Last Summer”

STORY LINE: Romantic Comedy starring K.J. Apa (CW’s Riverdale), Mia Mitchell (ABCs The Fosters), and Jacob Latimore (Maze Runner)

A group of young adults spend their “last summer” before college on the precipice; ready to take control of their lives and their futures for the first time. THE LAST SUMMER features several intersecting stories as its characters wrestle with love lost and love found, fraying
relationships with their parents, and ultimately, the struggle to decide who they will be and what they will do going forward. 

  1. [MARGAUX] In her 40s, a well-to-do Winnetka mom who lives in an impressive estate, she’s very pleased with herself for having appeared in a crowd scene in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” back in the day, and she wants her 6-8 year old daughter, Lilah, to follow in her “footsteps” as a model/actress. Margaux hires Audrey to help out picking up Lilah from school and taking Lilah to auditions…SUPPORTING


  1. [LILAH] (M) 6-8 going on 20, articulate, poised, brusque, and a bit sarcastic, she’s a budding actress constantly auditioning for local roles. She eventually bonds with her babysitter, Audrey, and makes some astute observations about Audrey’s life. They share some laughs over Lilah’s often silly mother, and Lilah comes to realize that instead of trying out for “America’s Got Talent,” like her mother wants, she’d rather hit the beach with Audrey and just be a regular kid for once…SUPPORTING


  1. [CLAIRE] A cute 20-something in the early stages of her career, she works at an advertising firm and unwinds with drinks at the end of the day. She meets Chad and Reece, recent high school grads, at the Windy City Bar and Grill and mistakes them for stock traders. She and Chad head back to her place, and she’s charmed by his dorky exuberance…SUPPORTING


  1. [JANET] A cute 20-something woman, friends with Claire, she meets Chad and Reece at a bar and grill and mistakes the boys for traders. She and Claire may be more savvy than the boys realize, however…4 lines, 4 scenes


  1. [GRIFFIN’S DAD] 40s, 50s. A forceful and controlling man, all business, he is Griff’s demanding father who yanked Griff out of public school in Illinois and sent him 1,000 miles away to an all-boys’ private school just as Griff’s potential romance with Phoebe was getting started. He disapproves of Griff’s friends and pressures Griff to attend Columbia University, using his own pull there to ensure Griff a slot in the Freshman class…….SUPPORTING


  1. [GRIFFIN’S MOM] 40-50. She is Griff’s mother, and also mother to 9-year-old Sierra. Kind and good-natured. She is a genuinely nice person who does her best to be upbeat when things are strained at the dinner table. She loves Griffin very much and wants what’s best for him…….SUPPORTING


  1. [SIERRA] 9, she is Griffin’s bright, precocious little sister. She is outspoken and likeable…1 speech & 7 lines, 4 scenes


  1. [TRACEY] In her 40s, attractive, this waitress at a bar and grill mistakes Chad and Reece (who are wearing suits and ties) for young stock traders and doesn’t card them at happy hour. She’s charmed by them and introduces them to Claire and Janet…7 lines, 2 scenes


  1. [CHRISTINE PURDY]18 or 19 Innocent-looking, virginal teen, she’s Foster’s classmate and Foster’s hoping to make time w/her. However, Christine is a devout Christian and there’s no way she’ll ever hook up with him. She doesn’t even kiss boys…2 speeches & 1 line, 2 scenes


  1. [BROTHER] 12 year old, he is Christine Purdy’s younger brother who tells Foster he’s got no shot with Christine…1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene


  1. [HOT WOMAN] In her 40s, hot and sexy in a tank top and jean shorts, she propositions Foster when he comes to collect his fee for laying blacktop on her driveway…1 speech & 2 lines, 1 scene


  1. [SLICK TRADER/JERRY] A 50s & balding trader, he discusses strategies with Chad over beers…2 speeches & 1 line, 1 scene


  1. [LILLY PULITZER GIRL] 18 or 19, overly made up and wearing a pink Lilly Pulitzer outfit, she is interviewed for Phoebe’s documentary and claims that she and her sweater’d up boyfriend will stay together in college…2 speeches & 2 lines, 1 scene


  1. [MR. WESTIN] 50s Mature man, wearing bifocals and a bow-tie, this condescending man meets with Audrey to discuss the possibility of her attending Clarke College. He’s unimpressed with Audrey’s GPA, but with a cheesy, forced smile, he tells her she might be accepted on a probationary status…3 speeches & 6 lines, 2 scenes


  1. [PAIGE’S DAD] In his 60s, a burned out wealthy guy with a sprawling yacht, he is Paige’s dad who threatens Alec…1 line, 1 scene (69)


  1. [PAIGE’S MOM] 49, with freakish lips, she is Paige’s mom who leaps into the hot tub with her daughter…2 lines, 1 scene (69)


  1. [PHOEBE’S MOM] 40 or older. A woman unlucky in love, she’s raising her daughter, Phoebe, by herself, and the two are more like friends than mother and daughter. Unbeknownst to Phoebe’s Mom, her new boyfriend is not only married, but the father of Griffin, Phoebe’s boyfriend…1 speech & 6 lines, 3 scenes


  1. [PRETTY GIRL] A pretty girl , 20s, dressed in cutoff shorts and a University of Nebraska t-shirt, she is Ricky’s girlfriend from Nebraska…2 lines, 1 scene


  1. [TYLER] 12, he’s Griff’s guitar student. He wears a Jimi Hendrix headband, and thinks he’s pretty cool…4 lines, 1 scene


  1. [NEW BOOBS GIRL] Paige’s friend with breast implants.


  1. [SWEATER BOY] 18 or 19 He is the sweater’d up, loyal boyfriend of the Lilly Pulitzer girl. He is interviewed by Phoebe…1 speech & 4lines, 1 scene


  1. [HOT GIRL] 18 or 19 This hot high school girl shuts down Foster….1 line, 1 scene


  1. [DRUNK GUY] 18 or 19 This drunk, enthusiastic teenage boy shouts out at a party….1 speech, 1 scene


  1. [GIRL (SOFTBALL GIRL) ] A 9-year-old girl wearing a softball uniform, she calls Chad and Reece “Yogurt Dorks”…1 speech & 1 line, 1 scene


  1. [EXEC 1] 35 or over Advertising Executive.

The film shoot dates are May 7, 2018 through June 7, 2018. If you are interested in auditioning for a speaking role email your recent headshot and contact info to Please put Your Name/Character Name as the subject title. For anyone interested in being a background actor/actress send a recent photo and put Background as the subject title. All minors must include  parent/legal guardian info as well.